GRAPEFRUITS, Ana AuB, opening 1 juli 19:00, 1t/m 30 juli



is the title of an artist’s book created by Yoko Ono. A series of event scores written over the years containing evocative, weird and precise instructions for people to perform. A Grapefruit is, for Yoko Ono, a hybrid of a lemon and an orange. And, one may add, not necessarily pleasant for everybody.

Grapefruits is a month-long event set to contain a series of performances, some new, written for the occasion; others already done, waiting to be experienced by different minds and bodies. During the month of July, Ana AuB will perform every day, by writing instructions five hours a day, five days a week. These instructions, scores, will be hung at POST- for visitors to see, read, touch and perform if they wish. In reenacting a number of performances by other artists, it will be possible to investigate and understand their meaning within the context of performative art.

Ana AuB is an artist based in Madrid. Her collaboration with POST- started in Amsterdam in December 2015 at the exhibition in WOW, with a series of short performances related to coal. Ana’s works deal with grief, memory, art as therapy, pornography and the inadequacy of her own body. In regard to performance, she understands it as a reprogramming technique and a door to joy.